Friday, December 4, 2009

Addie writes again

Addie (Mersia) here again. :)

First I'm putting up the character designs for Symphony, written by the most awesome David. Symphony is basically putting Mozart and Ludwig von Beethoven in a modern day situation where they are battling each other for musical supremacy in their high school.
Here, you can see my character design for Mozart on the left and Beethoven on the right.

I'm going to be working on more character designs, this time in color, including more facial expressions.
On to BANE...
BANE was conceived when I was in highschool and it has been developing in my mind ever since. If you see the last post I put up you can see page one of BANE. This time I'm including some lighter material. Don't get used to it. BANE is going to mostly be a dark story with small glimmers of hope scattered through out.
My idea for BANE is based in the future when there are beings created that are biological robots. They are alive but have no emotions or feeling and this is the excuse used to enslave them. Our main character, Eve, discovers a being that has woken up... and has emotion. This leads to a larger question and a search for the origin of the BANE units.

Eve isn't very good with names, her father (owner of the BANE corporation that produces the units) allows her to keep it in their house as a pet. She names him Bane. No creativity, the poor girl.
Sorry everything is in black an white, these are all images from my sketchbook. I promise lots of colour and amazingness next time. Hope this is enough to tempt you for now...

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