Saturday, March 27, 2010

Updates: 3/27

Hey guys! Been a long time since an update so decided to get one up.

Last week end, we attended Momo-Con in Atlanta, GA and Captain's Comic Expo in Charleston, SC. We had an awesome time and sold a lot of our 'Comicle' which I am currently unaware if we are selling online but we'll post it if we do. Thanks to everyone that helped support us and on behalf of those that went to Captian's, thanks to Steve Stegelin and Jeremy Dale who were amazing neighbors and just really sweet guys. I did not attend Momo-Con so I can't throw out some shout-outs so if you were awesome, thanks!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The "Comicle" coming in March!

The "Comicle" is off to the printers and will be available in March! It is a compilation of comics and concept art done by all the Monocles. Check back for more info soon and don't forget to pick up your copy once it becomes available.

We're not evil, we just dress nice!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We're not dead yet.

Decided to update after a very nice long pause in our posts. We're all still here, I promise.

We're working on putting together our compilation book that we'll be selling at Momocon in GA and a mysterious Captain's Comic con in North(?) Carolina (apparently it exists but I can not find it on ConventionScene to save my life.). Both of those will be the weekend of March 19th through the 21st, roughly. The compilation will also be on sale online along with the 'Laluelle:Envisioned' comic. We'll post the link for those when we have them.

Laluelle: Envisioned is still running late. We found some problems in our test print but they have been fixed so hopefully it'll go to you guys soon! The test print does look good though, aside from me being nit-picky and a perfectionist. Also, on the topic of Laluelle...I had taken a break for a while because there was a issue with the script I was drawing from. It was unedited and the editted scripts was MIA. We got the edits back so hopefully I can finish up page 9 and get started on page 10 tonight.

Also, I have been internally debating starting up one of my own personal projects. I may or may not start looking for artists soon. Hopefully, we'll set up something to start taking submissions so I can find someone to draw me some kick ass zombies.

Saturday, January 30, 2010



So, we haven't updated in a bit but we as Monocle have been doing A LOT of behind the scenes stuff that you will be seeing soon. Comics, websites, and other stuff. But! To let everyone who wanted Laluelle:Envisioned know, we had some printing issues, and now the comic is being shipped this week. Once I review it, the link to purchase it will be up! So, the comic should be out this week! GASP!

Look forward to it and stop being evil and start dressin' nice!