Monday, November 23, 2009

Symphony and Stockholm

Hey! So, Addie and I have been working on comic created by her and the first script was just finished! Whoo! It's called Symphony and it's about Mozart and Beethoven living in our time re-envisioned as high school students. Maybe a preview of the script will be up soon, I don't know, I just write lol. I'm working on a few other scripts as well right now and will probably get a bunch of it done in the near future. I know that soon I'll put up a sample script of something for you all to download and read. Real quick description of one of my original ideas that I am working on.

It's about a kid, Damien, who gets kidnapped when he was about two years old. His kidnapper keeps him locked away for his own reasons, but does give him some comics to pass the time (see...he's a nice kidnapper lol). Flash-forward 14 years to when the kid is 16, he isn't exactly normal. He becomes dangerously attached to his kidnapper (hence the name stockholm) and all the comics he has read during the years he sees them as almost real and sets out to be a superhero, more like a vigilante, himself. When his kidnapper finally decides to come clean and tell him that he was kidnapped and that he was going to turn himself in, Damien snaps, and refuses to believe that the kidnapper is anything but his father. When the kidnapper tries to leave and turn himself in, Damien knocks the kidnapper out and chains him up. Damien wants to prove that he loves the kidnapper like a father and tells him, that he will let him go after Damien truly makes him happy as to prove his point of loving him. The kidnapper tells him of all the people that have wronged him, and who made him the way he is. Damien sets out to kill those people. With each kill he begins to learn a little bit about the kidnapper. Damien thinks he is doing good deeds. He sees it as making his "father" happy. Throughout he sees people who are in despair and tries to help them, but goes about it the wrong way. For example, he meets a girl who is mourning the lose of her father, and wants to be with him again. To "help" her see her father, Damien murders the girl so they can reunite in death (Dark huh?). As this "super hero" he takes on the only name that describes himself, Stockholm. He later meets an equally disturbed friend, who wants to help Damien carry out his goal of making people happy. He takes on the name Echo.

It's a little dark but I hope you like! Sample script up soonish?

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